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     Talent is the basic factor of the enterprise, the foundation of the enterprise. We always insist the people-oriented idea, attach high attention to talent’s training and self-development, provide the broad space to the staff’s self-development, form the talent mechanism of quality, profession and youth, and insist the talent principle of not avoiding relatives and friends, appointing people on their merits, and provide every employee the equal opportunity of promotion and development.

    Training Mechanism

    Acknowledge learning is an import footstone of personal growth, career development and company’s development. We offer the thorough training and career plan. Attend to the added value of human capital, make the learning organization. The training methods we offer:

    1 Double tutorial mechanism for new employees

    2 Interior instructor group

    3 Mechanism of report on work for middle-high managers

    4 Training mechanism of workers with multiple skills

    5 Inner employment mechanism by selection

    6 Career plan,advisory, and guidance

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